Interest Rates and Mortgage Calculator

You may be wondering about the many different elements that go into the overall monthly mortgage payment. Using the tools below, you can see what your monthly payment will be for any home listing price.

Interest Rates

Interactive – Select Mortgage or Loan Type, or Product Type to Display Historical Graph.  Interest Rate Change – is reflective from the previous day.
Average U.S. Mortgage Rates - Updated Daily/Weekly
Average U.S. Mortgage Rates
Actual rates available to you often vary and depend on many factors including lender, loan type, income, credit, location, and property value. Contact a mortgage broker to find out what loans, programs and mortgage products are available to you.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Select the Basic Tab (or Dropdown Menu) below for an Overview of the monthly Payment Calculator with limited input values.

Select the Advanced Tab (or Dropdown Menu) below for a Detail Mortgage Payment Calculator. Input different Values for the Loan Amounts, Loan Term, Interest Rates, Property Tax, Homeowners Insurance, Mortgage Insurance (PMI-Private Mortgage Insurance if down payment is below 20%), and if needed, HOA Dues or Other values.

Select the Amortization Tab (or Dropdown Menu) below to view or download a detailed loan Amortization.

Mortgage calculator estimates are intended for information use only. This is a breakdown of your first monthly payment. Your payments may be higher or lower and future payments may change over time. Connect with your agent for more information on amortization details.