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Investing in property is a wise choice for the Kootenai County area. The area is growing quickly and becoming a tourist area. If you are looking to capitalize on the growth spurt, contact Rich Dussell Real Estate. Rich knows all of the marketing trends in the area and will be able to help you find suitable investment homes for your budget and your needs. Whether you want to purchase rental homes or a vacation home, give us a call today. We are fully licensed and knowledgeable on the investment of property in the area.

Rental Homes

Purchasing a rental home is a huge investment. Is your rental home in a popular area? Is it smart to invest in this property? All these questions can easily be answered by a certified and licensed realtor, such as Rich Dussell. Rich has lived and worked in the Kootenai County area for many years. He knows the best areas for rental homes and knows the types of homes that will be a good investment. For more information on investing in a rental home, give Rich Dussell a call today. He is part of Windermere Real Estate and has access to all the tools needed for you to be successful.

Vacation Homes

Since the Kootenai County has become so popular, vacation homes have been on the rise. The area is a perfect place for a vacation home. The area is within close proximity to 3 major ski resorts, as well as beautiful mountains to hike and bike on. The area is also great for vacationing, with a large lake and a bustling downtown area. Rich Dussell knows what types of vacation homes will yield the best investment for you. If you are looking to invest in vacation homes for rental purposes, give us a call. Our team has information on the trends and markets in the area. This will help you be successful in your investment. Make sure you use a realtor you can trust. Rich Dussell has been in the real estate business for many years and has  successful past clients for references.